My way to a driving license - step by step

In order to obtain the learning ticket, you must first take an emergency course and pass the theory test. The Fahrschule XXL offers such emergency courses and supports you on your way to the theory test.


Learning ticket

If you don't have a license to drive a motor vehicle, your identity must first be verified. This can be confirmed by the residents registration office or you can go directly to the traffic office (Strassenverkehrsamt)  with the following documents:
- ID, passport or foreigner's identity card
- current passport photo
- Emergency medical helper card (not older than 6 years)
- Eye test optician: Must be entered on the application form (not older than 24 months)

The traffic office will give you permission to take the basic theory exam. After passing the theory test you will receive the learning ticket.
> Submit the application for the learning ticket before your 18th birthday and you will receive your learning ticket on your birthday.


Practical training

The solid basis as a driver of a motor vehicle is taught at the Fahrschule XXL. Together we will achieve the training goal you are aiming for. With our professional training program, which is valid for all offered license categories, you will not only pass the driving test, but you will also be able to drive safely in traffic.


Traffic instruction VKU
For learners in categories A, A1 and B, participation in a traffic course is obligatory. At VKU the sense of traffic and the feeling for danger will be trained. The aim is to motivate learners to drive in a defensive and thoughtful way and to arrive at a correct assessment of their own driving ability.


Driver's license
At the driving test, an expert from the Traffic Office judges whether your skills as a driver match the expectations of road traffic. If so, you will receive your provisional driver's license. If not, you will have to repeat the test.


Two-phase education
In the obligatory two-phase education you will learn how to control your vehicle even better. For this you have to complete one day of advanced training within one year after passing the 1st exam.
After a total of three uncomplaining years of driving experience, you will receive your unlimited driving license.